The FIGHTING FUNDAMENTALS program is a course designed to prepare new students on how to deal with the most common types of attacks they could face on the streets. We have put together a curriculum which includes many techniques that are going to guarantee students will be prepared for those types of attacks using our combat-based Jiu-Jitsu system. All new students must show proficiency in the curriculum in order to earn the blue belt.



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After completing the FIGHTING FUNDAMENTALS, students will have the opportunity to train in the advanced program which includes JIU-JITSU MASTERY, that contains the three styles of Jiu-Jitsu (self-defense, vale-tudo, competition). This program consists of two categories that is broken down into Combat Based techniques and Competition Based techniques. This is a dedicated curriculum that allows students to advance in all belt levels all the way to black belt.


This program consists of the following elements:


- Striking both in the standing and ground positions.

- Take-downs and Throws.

- Submissions that includes chokes, joint manipulation and joint dislocations.

- Ground Fighting/Grappling.

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Kids will learn both self defense and competition techniques of Jiu-jitsu that will help them gain self confidence and the ability to learn to deal with bullying at school. They will also get in shape and have the chance to partake in Jiu-Jitsu tournaments.


 This program consists of the following elements:


- Take-downs and Throws.

- Submissions

- Grappling.